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Review: Stone Ruination 2.0

The original Stone Ruination was one of my favorites… I would order it whenever I saw it on draft in restaurants/bars. The new Stone Ruination “2.0” is pretty good, but I still miss the old version. The updated version seems very similar to other double IPA’s out right now and only vaguely reminds me of the original recipe. The new Ruination is more tropical due to the new hop mix and about the same level of alcohol.


Review: Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15

Stone brewery celebrates Pi Day with its new Enjoy By release, by putting a Pi symbol on the neck of the bottle. This batch is really citrus-y, hoppy, and golden in color. This release is definitely nicer and more citrus-y than the last release. Pick one up before they are gone!


Review: Stone Enjoy By 02.14.15

I have enjoyed all of the Enjoy By beers I have tasted, but this one is not my favorite. If you like a balanced double IPA, you will enjoy this one. There have been ones in the past that were more hoppy and lighter that I enjoyed more. Still, definitely worth picking up a bomber if you see it. In Orange County, they used to be more difficult to find, but it seems like they amped up production with the Enjoy By 12.26.14 release and now they are much more available. Enjoy!