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Penne alla Vodka – The Most Romantic Pasta

This pasta sauce is magic… for real. My boyfriend was very amazed by the deliciousness the first time I made this pasta sauce. It is indulgent and definitely special occasion worthy (i.e. Valentine’s Day dinner). It is also pretty easy to make!


Garlicky Sausage Broccolini Pasta – A Simple Weeknight Dinner

I make pasta about every other week and this one is a favorite. Especially for nights I don’t really feel like cooking. This recipe is adapted from a vegetarian recipe… which is very good, but we really like the sausage addition.


Sausage, Black Eyed Pea, and Kale Soup – Adapted Caldo Verde

Lately, I have been a bit obsessed with soup. I eat salad every single weekday for lunch and sometimes have salad for dinner as well. Soup is a great way to eat lots of veggies and feel satisfied… especially in the winter.