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Review: Knee Deep Lupulin River IPA

Lupulin River is my new¬†favorite IPA! I still have many old favorites… but Lupulin River is perfectly balanced, tropical, hoppy, and delicious! I had tried a few Knee Deep beers before (they brew an impressive number of IPAs), and they were good, but they definitely didn’t blow me away.


Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

This beer became infamous before it even showed up on my store shelves. First I heard a lawsuit was filed by Lagunitas because the IPA letters looked like their trademark bottle – they later dropped the suit. Then I read about the fancy new steam distillation method they used to extract oil from fresh hops. (more…)

Review: Golden Road Brewing Better Weather IPA

Golden Road Brewing has really stepped up their game over the last few years. Their Wolf Among Weeds is one of my favorites and available year-round. Better Weather IPA is seasonal (November – February), and is very good. It is strong, hoppy, and citrus-y. I also really like that their beers come in tall boy style cans… perfect for camping/hot tub/anywhere!


Review: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA is definitely one of my favorite beers. Grapefruit Sculpin is very grapefruit-y. If you are on the fence about grapefruit,¬†this beer is not for you. This beer tastes very refreshing and bitter. It would be a good summer beer, but it makes sense it is available in the winter, since grapefruit is a winter fruit. It was nice to have a couple of these beers, but I probably won’t buy another six pack.