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Travel Highlights: Bay Area

My husband recently had to go up to Palo Alto for work and we turned it into a Bay Area road trip. These were the food and drink highlights.


Review: Knee Deep Lupulin River IPA

Lupulin River is my new favorite IPA! I still have many old favorites… but Lupulin River is perfectly balanced, tropical, hoppy, and delicious! I had tried a few Knee Deep beers before (they brew an impressive number of IPAs), and they were good, but they definitely didn’t blow me away.


Review: Pizza Port Kook DIPA

I never met a Pizza Port IPA I didn’t like. Kook DIPA is no exception. It doesn’t quite seem like a double IPA, but it is nice and refreshing. It has a lemon-y taste and color. It is great choice for a hot summer day and cans are perfect for the pool/camping/etc!


Review: Bear Republic Mach 10

This beer is decent, but not a favorite. It is an “old school” style Double IPA and pretty balanced with the malt. If you are tired of the big tropical IPA’s out there now, this is a good change of pace. This beer is a limited release – so if you are interested in trying it, get some soon!


Review: Stone Ruination 2.0

The original Stone Ruination was one of my favorites… I would order it whenever I saw it on draft in restaurants/bars. The new Stone Ruination “2.0” is pretty good, but I still miss the old version. The updated version seems very similar to other double IPA’s out right now and only vaguely reminds me of the original recipe. The new Ruination is more tropical due to the new hop mix and about the same level of alcohol.


Review: Left Coast Brewery Hop Juice

This doozy of a beer is very lovely to drink. I first had it on draft at Whole Foods then bought a bomber at a local market. It is very strong, so I usually switch to something else after just one, but it is definitely a beer I will buy again. I have only had this beer a few times ever, but it has definitely risen in my list of favorites.


Review: Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15

Stone brewery celebrates Pi Day with its new Enjoy By release, by putting a Pi symbol on the neck of the bottle. This batch is really citrus-y, hoppy, and golden in color. This release is definitely nicer and more citrus-y than the last release. Pick one up before they are gone!


Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

This beer became infamous before it even showed up on my store shelves. First I heard a lawsuit was filed by Lagunitas because the IPA letters looked like their trademark bottle – they later dropped the suit. Then I read about the fancy new steam distillation method they used to extract oil from fresh hops. (more…)

Review: Golden Road Brewing Better Weather IPA

Golden Road Brewing has really stepped up their game over the last few years. Their Wolf Among Weeds is one of my favorites and available year-round. Better Weather IPA is seasonal (November – February), and is very good. It is strong, hoppy, and citrus-y. I also really like that their beers come in tall boy style cans… perfect for camping/hot tub/anywhere!


Review: Port Brewing Mongo IPA

This is one of my all-time favorite beers. It has a great balance between hops, citrus, and malt. Watch out though… this beer is easy drinking, and at 8.5%, it can sneak up on you. I can recall one lovely afternoon a few years ago. I didn’t have to work for some reason. My boyfriend had a meeting at UCLA; he said it wouldn’t take long. I decided to post up at Barney’s Beanery in Westwood. They had Mongo on draft and I had a couple (possibly a few) while I was waiting. When he picked me up, I told him I was “Bongo for Mongo”. Ever since then, “Bongo” has been shorthand for “tipsy” between us. Really good beer. I highly recommend it if you like IPAs.