Archive | February, 2015

Review: Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15

Stone brewery celebrates Pi Day with its new Enjoy By release, by putting a Pi symbol on the neck of the bottle. This batch is really citrus-y, hoppy, and golden in color. This release is definitely nicer and more citrus-y than the last release. Pick one up before they are gone!


Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

This beer became infamous before it even showed up on my store shelves. First I heard a lawsuit was filed by Lagunitas because the IPA letters looked like their trademark bottle – they later dropped the suit. Then I read about the fancy new steam distillation method they used to extract oil from fresh hops. (more…)

Review: Ace Joker Hard Cider

This cider is like the champagne of ciders… no really, it almost tastes like champagne. If you are not into really apple-y or sweet ciders, this one is really nice. It tastes dry, crisp, and refreshing (I advise you drink it ice-cold). It is a really nice change of pace from beer (if for some reason you don’t feel like beer… not sure why you wouldn’t feel like beer, but anyhow).


Penne alla Vodka – The Most Romantic Pasta

This pasta sauce is magic… for real. My boyfriend was very amazed by the deliciousness the first time I made this pasta sauce. It is indulgent and definitely special occasion worthy (i.e. Valentine’s Day dinner). It is also pretty easy to make!


Review: Golden Road Brewing Better Weather IPA

Golden Road Brewing has really stepped up their game over the last few years. Their Wolf Among Weeds is one of my favorites and available year-round. Better Weather IPA is seasonal (November – February), and is very good. It is strong, hoppy, and citrus-y. I also really like that their beers come in tall boy style cans… perfect for camping/hot tub/anywhere!


Unsweetened Vanilla Mixed Nut Milk

I have been wanting to make my own nut milk for a long time and finally got around to it. It is pretty easy to make, but takes a bit of time, and isn’t as cheap as you might think. After tasting the final product, it is definitely worth the money, in my opinion.